ShrimpCentral is dedicated to providing factual and accurate information about dwarf shrimp. The shrimp available for sale here are all raised with tender loving care. ShrimpCentral aims to excel in every aspect of shipping, handling, and customer service.

Shipping and Handling

These shrimp come from my own personal aquariums, and have been raised with tender loving care to be healthy and strong. I send primarily young shrimp ranging from .5 inch to 1 inch in size. If you have a specific preference please let me know. Younger shrimp have a greater tolerance for fluctuations in water chemistry, so they handle the packaging and shipping much better than fully grown shrimp.

I package shrimp in kordon breather bags with a piece of java moss or other small plant for them to eat along the trip. The box I ship them in is well insulated, and normally does not require any additional heating/cooling packs. If you live in an especially cold climate I can provide a heating pack for added safety on their trip for an additional $1.00. I only ship on Monday and Tuesday, and will ship only within the United States.

Satisfaction is Guaranteed.

If you have a problem please contact me, I am happy to help with any issues you may have.

Disclaimers: Our guarantee only extends to a maximum of the full purchase price.

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