King Kong Shrimp


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Optimal Parameters
PH: 6.0-7.0 Temperature: 70-80
KH: 0 PPM – 3 PPM Lighting: Med-High
GH: 1 PPM – 3 PPM Ammonia: 0 PPM
Nitrite: 0 PPM Nitrate: below 1 PPM
For more information about these numbers read this guide.

Care and Maintenance

Algae pellets, blood worms, and Mosura shrimp food are all excellent food options for these shrimp. In order to maintain pure and stable water conditions it is highly recommended to use filtered water either through the use of a reverse osmosis kit, or by purchasing it directly. Since our primary goal in our aquarium is stability, it is good to use a buffering substrate that is designed to maintain the ideal water parameters. A zeolite based substrate is deal for this purpose, I have used Amazonia Aquasoil to great success and would highly recommend it for a stable and reliable tank. 10% Water changes should be performed weekly, and the substrate should be cleaned monthly.


King Kong Shrimp are a little more difficult than other varieties to keep. The water conditions must be maintained carefully and fluctuations kept to a minimum to maintain a healthy and happy King Kong colony!


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